Monday, June 24, 2013

Number 83: Antiquing

Number 83: Antiquing
This one was super fun. (I think I've said that about them all but I don't care they really have been super fun so far!) Instead of heading to the Exchange District though, I went to The Old House Revival Company which is right behind my office. They have 4 levels of some seriously cool (and old) stuff. I went with my dad a few weeks ago and we were there for a good 1-2 hours, but just went back recently so I could get some pictures to post and I spent a solid hour in there, again.

Seriously, I can't express how much of a grandma I can be sometimes, but this must take the cake. I think I was born in the wrong decade. They have everything you can possibly imagine: chandeliers, typewriters, books, dishware, clothes, lamps, furniture of all kinds and the list could go on forever. I also love that they have a variety of doorknobs, hinges, locks, and a number of other vintage parts. They are perfect for giving your cottage/cabin that old time feel or even your home.

I was pretty close to buying that dress

If I had a garden, this would be in it

I took this picture because I swear to Zeus I have the same set at home!
I told my parents it meant they are ancient. 

My absolute, ultimate favorite part of this store is the books. OH THE BOOKS. The bibliophile in me almost stroked out when I found a 1910s printing of Treasure Island. 

I have very little experience with antique shops, but this one has instilled in me a love of all things retro/vintage/downright OLD. Love love love. I could spend hours in here. 

You can find The Old house Revival Company at 324 Young St. 

Here's there website if you were interested in checking them out (which you definitely should!).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Number 32 & Number 95: Doors Open + West End Mural Tour

Number 32 & Number 95: Doors Open + West End Mural Tour

Two birds, one stone. I went on the West End Mural Tour as part of Doors Open Winnipeg. I think this is the definition of winning.

For anyone who doesn't know what Doors Open is, it is an event that takes place in May put on by Heritage Winnipeg that gives the public a chance to see parts of their city they might not otherwise have access to. It spans a weekend and this year was held on May 25 & 26. Buildings, generally closed, such as the Vaughn St. jail are opened, tours occur across the city and stores stay open later. This was my first year going on a tour through Doors Open and I loved it. It is a great way to get to know your city and it's history!

Now I am about to do a shameless plug for the Mural Tours since it's my job to promote them. But job aside, they are seriously fantastic! There's nothing that can brighten up an area like public art and the West End is absolutely brimming with it. (If you don't agree about public art and street art, then PLEASE visit this street art article on Creanum and bask in its beauty).

I brought my dad on the Doors Open Mural Tour since he's retired and likes getting out and trying new things lately. He loved it. He said there was so much he learned that he didn't know about the area. Admittedly, I had never been on a tour at this point either so I was happily surprised to learn as much as I did. The walking tour was two hours and included a stop for some soda at elements - The Restaurant (yuuum).

To me - as I can't for the life of me draw anything more than a worm - being able to take a blank, crumbling brick wall and transform it into something shockingly eye-catching and beautiful is just short of miraculous. I have a love of street art and public art spaces so for me this was a really rewarding tour. I would have to say my personal favorite mural is Zoohky; this is mostly due to the man himself who was such a huge part of West End life.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Number 2: Snap Photos at the Duck Pond

The expanded duck pond at Assiboine Park is pretty beautiful. Granted, Assiniboine Park is one of my favorite spots in the city so I'm slightly biased. I was at a wedding on Friday night which just so happened to be at the Qualico Family Centre. (PS, weddings on a Friday are pretty annoying. Save it til Saturday so I'm nice and rested thanks.) I snapped the picture on my Samsung Galaxy so excuse the quality. These ducks were enjoying their evening swimming about. 

I would like to point out I have an intense phobia of birds, yet for some reason baby ones are not included in that. Probably because they don't have the capacity to peck my eyes out yet. 

One down, one hundred to go. 

Note: Running in a dress and heels squealing "Look at the duckies!" is guaranteed to garner some strange looks, especially from your incredibly embarrassed boyfriend. 

quack quack 

Friday, June 7, 2013

One Great City

Word has it that there isn't a very positive image of Winnipeg on social media. A news segment on CTV this week brought this topic to light and the least shocking part about this, was that the negative feedback and comments discovered through a quick search of Twitter or Facebook, come directly from residents. It's no secret that Winnipeg residents like to harp on the city. We even wrote a song about it. We love to hate our city.

In my opinion, we simply don't appreciate what we have. Leave the city for a few weeks, months or even years and you'll see what I mean. I personally LOVE this city (now). This certainly wasn't always the case. Growing up in Transcona I can say I was pretty sheltered. I NEVER left Transcona (I mean why would you it's pretty great; except for the trains).

toot toot

I always proclaimed my hatred for the city, (being 16 you always have to hate something), and I was going to move somewhere "sooo cool" when I graduated. Well guess what 16 year old Melissa? To leave you need something important: money. 

Hundred dolla, hundred dolla bill real, uh (thanks Jay-Z)

Fast forward two years and I didn't have a money tree in my back yard, so now 18 year old me had to choose a school *gasp* here (the horror). So that meant I was trapped. Stuck pursuing my post-secondary education in this horribly "boring" town, I was ultimately doomed. The 5 years I spent at the University of Winnipeg would prove myself incredibly wrong. 

Since my first semester over 5 years ago, I find myself constantly discovering new people, places and things to do. Winnipeg is booming and recent developments across the city such as the new Bomber stadium, Ikea, residential developments in the Downtown and Exchange district, and the return of the Jets are proof that Winnipeg is going to look very different in the next 5 years. Having recently graduated, I look forward to starting my career in this city and hopefully contributing to its future growth. 

Long story short, I have made the decision to dedicate my blog this summer to documenting my explorations across the city to prove that there's more to Winnipeg than the awful weather, constant road construction, mosquitoes and HORRIBLE drivers. (I'll admit that those examples really don't make a great case for where I'm going here...). 

Spawn of Satan

I'm going to try and see this beautiful city as though I were a tourist; through new eyes if you will. How will I accomplish that? Great question. Tourism Winnipeg put out a list of 101 things to do in Winnipeg in the Spring/Summer. Since I'm (no joke) so broke, I will naturally attempt to do all the free stuff first. For anyone interested here is the entire list: 101 Things to do in Winnipeg

I hope that this inspires others to start a love affair with Winnipeg because it's pretty wonderful.