Monday, June 10, 2013

Number 2: Snap Photos at the Duck Pond

The expanded duck pond at Assiboine Park is pretty beautiful. Granted, Assiniboine Park is one of my favorite spots in the city so I'm slightly biased. I was at a wedding on Friday night which just so happened to be at the Qualico Family Centre. (PS, weddings on a Friday are pretty annoying. Save it til Saturday so I'm nice and rested thanks.) I snapped the picture on my Samsung Galaxy so excuse the quality. These ducks were enjoying their evening swimming about. 

I would like to point out I have an intense phobia of birds, yet for some reason baby ones are not included in that. Probably because they don't have the capacity to peck my eyes out yet. 

One down, one hundred to go. 

Note: Running in a dress and heels squealing "Look at the duckies!" is guaranteed to garner some strange looks, especially from your incredibly embarrassed boyfriend. 

quack quack 

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