Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Number 27: Watch a Goldeyes Game

Number 27: Watch a Goldeyes Game
Does it count if I was there selling 50/50 tickets? I decide it still does. And who is going to argue with me?

 To preface, I dislike baseball. There's just something about it that bores me to tears. The only redeeming quality I've ever found about the sport is the tight little pants... Ahem. Moving on. Despite my dislike for the sport, I have a great big love for Shaw Park. I mean come on look at it in all its glory.

Photo cred to Bryan Scott

Regardless of my dislike for the sport, there is nothing that beats the atmosphere of a Goldeyes game on a breezy July/August evening. It feels so home-y. The sense of community inside the park is astounding and even just selling 50/50 tickets the amount of smiles I witnessed (even when the fish were throwing away their lead) was heartwarming. 

Truth be told, I have been to my fair share of games over the years with my family. My dad loves going to Goldeyes games. I'll never forget daddy-daughter dates where he would take me without my sister and we would eat junk food and try and catch free stuff. 

Once I started to get older, the only way my parents could convince me to go to a game was with food. The world's best incentive. How can you ever say no to a giant pretzel and bag of mini-donuts?

Nowadays, I don't mind going to the Goldeyes games. I still hate baseball, but people watching is a sport all on its own. It also helps that I have friends who run the show so I get to visit them when I go and Dan Chase is hilarious.  

Oh heyyyy friends

In summation, here's to another check off my list!

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