Monday, July 22, 2013

Number 5: Test Lady Luck at the Casinos of Winnipeg
For the sake of this post, I only went to Club Regent Casino. Mostly because it's only 10 minutes from my house. But for the record I have been to McPhillips Street Station Casino and it's definitely worth a visit. I had only been there to see a concert last year. Hanson actually. MMMBOP.

Anyway I went off topic there. Last week I went with my mom, my two aunts, my cousin, my sister and an out-of-town aunt to Club Regent. I always feel like I've entered another universe whenever I go in there. The lights, the sounds, the atmosphere... I imagine it's what Vegas must be like (only about 100x that). We played dab bingo which may seem easy enough but it's not. The bingo caller goes super fast and it's all you can do to not have a panic attack trying to keep up. 

it's not a true bingo night without McDo's

 Have you ever tried to play Bingo at the Casino? It's unreal. Everyone takes it so seriously, you'd think it was a sport. Also, fun fact, be quiet. Apparently talking is some sort of unspoken rule that I did not adhere to. My family is just naturally loud and we don't necessarily realize it. We also have such a good time together that we sometimes forget we are in public. We got some nasty stares from some of the bingo veterans. One of those being my mother who was absolutely mortified that we were calling so much attention to ourselves. (Sorry Ma.) 

My Auntie Carol also brought this gem as her "good luck charm". 

there's a family story behind this. but it's still ridiculous.

And what's a trip to the casino without taking in all the wildlife....

this is my auntie carol <3 she's a silly one

Very fun night, even though I didn't stay for the whole time (I had other plans, I'm a very busy person apparently). 

What's your favorite part of the Casino's of Winnipeg? I'd love to hear it!


  1. I actually won a nice $300 pot at dab bingo a month or two back.

    1. haha that's great! My aunt ended up winning $500 that night.