Thursday, August 1, 2013

Number 19 & 57: Fringe Festival and Fox & Fiddle

I'm getting really good at multitasking. As in I managed to squeeze both activities into the same Saturday night.

First off, I have to admit that I sort of cheated with Fringe Fest. I didn't get around to actually going to a show because last week was so hectic! BUT, I did make it out to the last night. We walked around, hit up the beer tent, and listened to some live music. It was an absolute blast. The atmosphere was super chill but also super fun. Everyone was just enjoying life and dancing in the open air; it was a great feeling. Anna and Andrea were on a mission to find an ATM because we needed money to partake in the activities. I'm sure they still enjoyed the sights.

This is them dance-walking to the beer gardens

Welcome to a good time

After we perused the festival for a bit we decided to head over to Fox & Fiddle for a few drinks since none of us had tried it.  The pub is located in an old bank building as well and it's gorgeous inside. The atmosphere was chill and upbeat and there were TVs everywhere you turned broadcasting whatever sports were on at that moment. The best part was their drink special. Sangria's!

White wine sangria; best I've had!

On a side note, before we hit up these two venues, we were at Whiskey Dix. I remember it being a lot more fun to go clubbing when I was younger. The good old days. Here is the mandatory horse picture that any Winnipegger needs to have if they want to be considered cool. 

It's not on the list but I recommend checking out Downtown Winnipeg's club scene if that is something you're into. I love them because the majority are in some historical buildings and the architecture is breathtaking. I especially love Opera which is in an old bank building; the washrooms are in an old bank vault. Très cool. 

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