Friday, August 23, 2013

Number 4: Go To A Concert At The MTS Centre

Does this make me a professional photographer?

I go to a lot of concerts. I'm that person that drives to Minneapolis and back within 24 hours just to see my favorite band if they don't stop in Winnipeg. So it's safe to say that when there are concerts in Winnipeg, I'm generally first in line to go. 

Since I love live music so much, I'm typically one to favor smaller venues such as The Garrick, The West End Cultural Centre or The Park Theatre. I love being close to the music. But ever since the MTS Centre opened, I jump at the chance to take in a concert there. There's just something about a full house of screaming fans that puts you in a mood like no other. 

I've seen my fair share of superstars here in Winnipeg since the arena opened: the Backstreet Boys, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Justin Timberlake, and the list goes on. One of the best investments the city has ever made was building that downtown arena (but that's just my opinion). Aside from the fact that it now houses the Jets (whoop), it has enabled the city to witness a slough of superstars, the likes of which we might never had had the opportunity to host. 

My view from the back of the floor

So this past Monday, I was witness to one of these superstars. The great Selena Gomez! (Don't judge, I love teen pop). Okay so she may not quite be a superstar yet but judging by her intensely loud, screaming, super young fans, she will be one day.  

I was definitely the oldest person there who had not brought a child, but that didn't stop me from fully enjoying myself. The crowd was amazing and at one point I thought the whole room was going to explode from the noise. I admit, I knew almost every word to every song and I'm not even a little bit embarrassed by that. 

The opening band was adorable (oops, showing my age again)

Aside from her relationship with Justin Bieber, I think she is a fantastic role model for girls. She proved it once again when she spoke to the crowd about having been bullied and to remember that You. Are. Beautiful. Her speech elicited an emotional and (again) loud response from the 10-16 year old girls in the arena and then she dove right in to her "let the haters hate" song Who Says. 

Girl can work a stage

I think she did a wonderful job for her first real tour and I only expect bigger and better things from her in the future. 

My dates for the evening!

On to the next concert!

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