Thursday, July 30, 2015

Inferno's on Academy

I have a confession to make. Until very recently I was a bit of a seafood snob - as in I didn't eat it. I was convinced I hated anything that came from the water unless it was shrimp or a really fresh lobster. I mean who doesn't love shrimp? Come on. 

A few months ago I was at an Italian restaurant with my family when I decided to bite the bullet and shove a mussel in my mouth. I swear I saw fireworks. "Why have I been missing this my whole life?" I thought to myself. From that moment on, I was a seafood convert. I tried scallops, I tried crab cakes, I tried more mussels than my stomach could handle. My life was changed! 

Enter Inferno's Bistro. If you want a new favorite day of the week, I will tell you now it's going to be Thursday. One pound of mussels for $13. I think my eyes popped out of my head like one of those cartoons. Being from Transcona, frugality runs in my blood. I'm cheap and I love food so this was a perfect combo. 

There were at least 10 flavors to choose from; it was a difficult task, let me tell you. I settled on the Herbes de Provence (I think, I'm running off memory here) and my best friend ordered the Green Thai Curry. We then, of course, split a plate of fries. 

I couldn't finish I was so stuffed. It didn't help that we made it in time for happy hour and I loaded up on Caesar's. If you're looking for a patio to set up shop during the week with your friends, do yourself a favor and make it Inferno's on Academy

If you do, I want an invite. 

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