Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Number 37: Ikea

My favorite place. I honestly wish I had a million dollars (and my own place) so I could buy ALL THE THINGS. Unfortunately for me, I'm still living at home and my room is about as furnished as it's ever going to get. So I had to settle for a dresser and some dvd racks. 

Guess what? I built the dresser all by myself. My mother thought I couldn't do it because, I'll admit, I can be kind of a princess. But I vowed I would use tools and make this little monstrosity myself. Two days and a cramped back later and voilĂ ! 

Call me a master carpenter because this is one beautifully put together piece of furniture. (In reality, I think I put some screws in the wrong place and it shouldn't have taken two days, but please let me revel in this accomplishment). 

to the right is the dvd shelves. love!

Also, nobody will ever convince me that there is anything better than an Ikea cinnamon bun and coffee for $2. Nothing gets better than that!

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